Beautiful And Precious Vicunas For Sale

Beautiful And Precious Vicunas For Sale

by Jayne Rutledge

Vicunas are the smallest of all camels, but their coat is used for making the best wool you can imagine. These lovely animals are mostly bred for this wonderful wool. If you are interested in breeding these beautiful animals, you will find lovely vicunas for sale online. Just make sure to buy the real ones, because some paco-vicuna varieties are sold by the same name.

These incredible animals live on high grassland plateaus of the Andes, and they can be found in living in nature in different regions of Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. They live in some area with very large temperature changes. Days can be very warm, and nights are usually extremely cold. That's why their coats are so thick and soft at the same time.

Although these beautiful camels are protected, it is allowed to breed them for wool, as long as it is clipped from living animals. This amazingly fine wool have many qualities, but the most important is its irresistible softness. Natural colors are really appealing. Characteristic reddish brown, light and soft cinnamon or beige white, all available colors are really beautiful.

These lovely little camels are quite expensive, thanks to their beauty, of course, but mainly because the high quality of their wool. Females cost more than males and young ones, but champions, including male champions have additional breeding value, and have significantly higher prices. If you are interesting in breeding them, make sure to buy your animals from reliable source.

There is a high demand for all products made from this amazing material. Fibers are extremely fine, and fabrics made using these fibers are very soft, light and warm, and feel great on your skin. Except being of the highest possible quality, these materials are naturally colored, and colors vary from red-brown to almost white, in numerous appealing shades.

Fiber and yarn for spinning, weaving and knitting has considerably high prices. Very fine quality of 16 or 17 micron costs maybe $30 per 1oz. It means this can really be a good business, if you can provide appropriate conditions for breeding these beautiful animals. Finest quality fiber can reach much higher prices as well. You can breed them for your own needs, or sell their wool.

Vicuna can be a great pet as well. Children just adore them, and if you can provide enough space for keeping one, you may have a wonderful pet. These animals are especially gentle, small enough to keep and really beautiful. They are recently very popular, and there are numerous farmers that are offering to take care of them for you, in case you need such services.

In any case, if you are interested in finding vicunas for sale, try to find a respectable breeder to buy your animals from. Real vicuna has particularly fine, soft coat, and you will find at least fifty different shades to choose from. Lighter coats are more appreciated, especially the white ones. That's why white ones have such high prices.

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