Many People Are Seeking Quality Law Of Attraction Advice

Many People Are Seeking Quality Law Of Attraction Advice

by Marcie Goodman

Law of Attraction advice is probably some of the worst you will get. It states that "like attracts the like". The problem with this is that though it's an attractive concept, it doesn't always hold true. The appeal of this concept is negated by the indifference of the real world. Reality doesn't have the ability to care. The naive assumption that your attitude can influence the world around you is responsible for complacency, not change.

This is basically a great way of stating the importance of positive thoughts. People who focus on the positive aspects of life can expect to gain positivity from it. Maintaining a point of view that is optimistic can lead to all sorts of good side-effects, not the least of which is a good outlook on the future. Positivity can be rewarding in many ways but mostly it will just leave you happy.

The idea that "positivity will attract positivity" is laughable in some circumstances. Having a positive outlook will often times make the way you experience horrible situations more bearable but it will not affect the outcome or the reality of it. Sometimes having a positive outlook will get you more negativity than anything.

The reality of the situation is that it doesn't actually make any impact on the reality of the situation, only on your perception of it. Tell a survivor of some disastrous situation about how they could have altered their situation by the power of positive thought and they will likely scoff at you. Positive thought won't change the reality of a situation but it might help you cope with it.

Cutting those ties is a lot more easily said than done, sometimes. If it is your family that bring negativity into your life, you can't very well abandon them but you can choose to show a positive attitude to them. In this way, hopefully, you can affect them in a more positive manner and help them to attain a more positive outlook on life.

If you aren't a confrontational person, it may be in your best interests to take an approach that involves legal representation rather than one on one discussion. Having said that, if you are capable of a more direct approach, it may give you the information and closure that you are looking for without the added expense of hiring a lawyer. It all depends on what you are capable of.

The reason that many people give this way of thinking more credence than they should is because of the human tendency to feel "unique" or "special". We all want to feel like we are individuals who matter but the reality of it is that we are only one person of the six billion or so who live on this planet. Unless you are lucky enough to be entrusted with a powerful political office or a massive fortune, you probably will make as much impact as a fart in a windstorm.

Law of Attraction advice says that "like attracts like". This means that if you are trying to attract more positivity to your life, you should be more positive. Even if it does nothing but make you focus on the positive that is already there, you really can't do anything other than benefit from this.

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Title: Many People Are Seeking Quality Law Of Attraction Advice
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