Advantages Of Enhanced Owner's Title Insurance Florida Policies

Advantages Of Enhanced Owner's Title Insurance Florida Policies

by Serena Price

A bigger percentage of Americans actually do not know what enhanced owner title insurance Florida policies are, when to use these policies what extra coverage they offer to the client. Though that is the case with many, it is good to note that the underwriter of such a policy has his own guidelines, coverage and expectations. Here are some of the benefits that come with this product.

The enhanced policy provides access to extra coverage to the purchaser of any residential real property. It includes matters that are not generally covered in the standard policy with enhanced coverage covering greater risk. Sometimes this will attract a 20% increase on premiums over the existing rates but increase is implemented at a rate of 10% per year making it a sensible financial purchase.

An enhanced policy is issued when a property that needs to be insured in condominium units, improved residential subdivision lots or 1-to-4 family property. The underwriting requirements and examination process is just about the same as that of the standard policy. Special assessments and all taxes that are due should be paid at closing, improvements need to be cleared and the property ought to be occupied as a residence.

One does not need to do any survey on the property though you have to include the street address on your levy records to match the street address on the property lending documents. If you have any exceptions, they have to be noted when showing the actual information which is contrary to the extra coverage offered. As the buyer or seller, you are supposed to execute an affidavit by use of specific language which directly points out any latent defect problem.

This kind of a policy comes with many benefits. To start with, it provides the purchaser with both legal pedestrian and vehicular access to land. Besides this, it also cover any type of loss that is likely to arise from mechanic lien claim.

Enhanced policies help in covering against loss in the event you are forced to get rid of any existing structure apart from the boundary fence or wall when it extends to the adjoining land or any easement. If there is a restriction violation indicated on the exceptions of this policy, or against existing zoning law, the policy will cover against such losses. It is also used to cover loss in the eventuality of loss of land if it is not suitable for use as a single-family abode due to violation of zoning ordinance.

Other things covered under this policy include losses due to violations of previous restrictive covenants as pointed out in the exceptions. If you are probably buying a rehabilitation building where a contractor was not paid his dues by the closing date, then a lien can be placed on the building. In this case, an enhanced policy will cover against the lien. However, this is only if the lien was filed after you have bought the property.

Some post title insurance Florida protections include if a person puts up a structure apart from a boundary fence or wall, the policy will help to cover the expenses. In addition, it helps cover against post-policy forgery through which another party can claim interest in the property. If you require further assistance, it is crucial that you get in touch with a closing attorney for specific details.

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