Get A Great Picture Every Time With Passport Photos Leeds

Get A Great Picture Every Time With Passport Photos Leeds

by David Hawkin

Many individuals dread having their photograph used for passport shots. It is often embarrassing to show the photograph to their friends. Passport Photos Leeds offers a great way to take the picture by sharing the secret of forward planning.

Benjamin Franklin once said "by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." The same principle can be applied to having you passport photograph taken. Follow these top tips for fantastic results that you can be proud of, otherwise you could be stuck with a frightful picture for the next ten years.


There are several options one can use for photographs submitted for passports. Travellers may select a commercial outlet or have a friend shoot the picture and process it themselves. Some options offer more convenience and others lower cost. The DIY option is generally the least expensive but may need IT experience. Professional results are provided by a studio, but this tends to be the most expensive. Be sure you are happy with the results regardless of the method that is selected.


Pay close attention to personal appearance when sitting for the photograph. A trip to one's favourite salon for a fresh-cut, color and style ensures the photograph remains looking great for several years. Males should make sure facial hair is groomed and loose ends are tidied up on the day of the sitting. Females who use make-up should stick with neutral tones, natural matte finish and ensure blemishes are concealed.


Keep your clothing simple and smart avoid bold colours, pastels and contrasting patterns. White is also a no-no as you will blend in with the background it also makes you look washed out. Instead go for the darker colours for greater contrast. A passport photo has many different uses so dress conservatively.


Sleep can improve one's appearance by reducing the bags under the eyes. Plan for a full night's rest before the session. The results will be far more appealing.


In some locations regulations do not allow the subject to smile. However, there is no need to look gloomy or sad. Relax and think happy thoughts, perhaps about the fun you will have as you travel around the world. Maintain a neutral expression, keeping both eyes open and the mouth closed. Many people benefit from practising their pose in front of a mirror before taking the photo.

So a little organisation will go a long way to fantastic photos that will be the envy of your friends and family.

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