Use The Finest Substance Abuse Counselor Pasadena Offers

Use The Finest Substance Abuse Counselor Pasadena Offers

by Eliza Mendoza

Do you wish to follow a career path in assisting people who are addicted to drugs of alcohol? Do you wish to be the finest substance abuse counselor Pasadena has? Should you answer in the affirmative, just look up one of the many schools who provide training in this occupation.

Counsellors of such abusers can do group and individual therapy sessions. As a counsellor, you can help people who are already suffering from an addiction or you can help prevent addictions in people. A typical description of this job would be counsellors who work with people alone and within groups in different types of settings for treatment.

These places might include facilities such as; social agencies, rehabilitation centers, health care facilities and correctional institutes. You will provide crisis care, addiction prevention courses and recovery care. You will be required to treatment people who are not addicted to the normal drugs and alcohol only but also those people who have eating disorders or food addictions and those people who have gambling addictions.

Duties will include having interviews with potential patients, giving drug screenings, and the most obvious one having sessions with patients to counsel them. You will be required to assess the records of your patients to see what kind of treatment they might be ready for, as well as keeping records of all such treatments and whether the patient is being assisted by the treatment, and designing programs for treatment that is based on the patient's history and needs. Should a patient be ready to leave treatment, it will be up to you to plan the aftercare program and therapy that you will be managing.

You will assist the addicted to overcome their need for narcotics or alcohol through treatment and evaluation, and you will be there to assist in the daily battle that they will have to fight for the rest of their lives. They will need to be empowered by being taught communication and coping mechanisms so that they will manage at work and at home and in their neighborhoods. You will also assist these peoples families and then in group situations.

The requirements of your education level will differ dependent on where you wish to work. Some agencies that are state related will accept a mere high school diploma. But should you wish to get a larger scope of job opportunities then a post- secondary education might be best.

A bachelor degree in substance abuse will train you the basics of how to work with people who suffer from all kinds of addictions. General subjects in this course are psychology, counseling ethics, assessment, and therapy methods. You will need to learn about how to plan treatment programs, the policies of welfare, and about the effects of addiction on behavior and the brain. There is experience to be gained by doing internships in the field.

There are also masters' degrees in substance abuse available. Such degrees go deeper into theories that are psychoanalytical, and how society is thereby affected by substance abuse. With these degrees you can then get more practicum experience or internships in rehab centres, hospitals or outpatient clinics. The best place to learn all about this, is to ask the best substance abuse counselor Pasadena can offer.

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