An Analysis Of A Live Reading Tutor

An Analysis Of A Live Reading Tutor

by Jerri Perry

Reading is the complex process through which the brain and the associated cognitive organs decode the various symbols, numerals and figures read from texts or manuscripts. For human beings, it is the unique processes through various pieces of informative data are acquired during the sharing of such pieces. There are several processes that are used for the acquisition of knowledge. These methods enhance how the information is read and decoded. A live reading tutor enhances the process of learning by offering some simple techniques to the students.

Communication is the process through which various types of information have to be transmitted from various locations to the reception point. Just like this process, a certain language has to be used when acquiring the information from various sources. A specific language is used for conveying the message in the books and the manuscripts. The reader has to understand this language for the message and the information to be decoded.

As people interact, they expand their social circles. As the circle expands, people learn different languages since the more people are in the larger social circles. Information is shared in these circles. The attitudes of various people within these circles affect how the information will be shared. Some of the processes are often in series while others are in sequences. The mental state of various players within these circles determines how the information will be transmitted.

Readers have different states of minds. The perception of the mind is determined by the reading habits. The general attitudes towards reading influence how fast they are likely to acquire and process various types of information. The tutors are there to help these learners acquire very great attitudes. With great attitudes the materials under consideration are processed and understood faster. This is as compared to cases where the readers have very negative attitudes.

Mental exercises form the basis of expanding the mental capacity of each learner. The tutors formulate the various processes through which the minds of learners can be exercised. The level and the activities involved in the exercising are determined by the general mental abilities. Through such activities, the mental ability is boosted. Learners are able to think faster. This also boosts the ability to think constructively and logically.

Creativity is the ability to think of out scope of a certain event. It is the ability to think uniquely. Tutors have the role of ensuring this ability is boosted over time in their students. Creativity is enhanced through perusing a lot of learning materials.

There are a number of writing styles that are used by the authors. The style used determines the level at which the prospective readers and the learners have reached. Some of the writers adopt a specific writing style so as to enhance communication. For others, it is a matter of enhancing the creativity of the learners.

There are various forms of written or soft types of reading materials. There are books, magazines and journal on which the stories containing information. A live reading tutor uses these materials when introducing their students to information processing. The basic training is done using these materials after which they are introduced to advanced reading materials.

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