Conspiracy Plots Leading To Freemason Influences In Canada

Conspiracy Plots Leading To Freemason Influences In Canada

by Christopher Hodapp

One of the greatest monuments completed in 1920 was the Manitoba Legislative Building, a remarkable structure with primeval temple designs from the New Eastern World. The building has been designed by Frank Worthington Simon (1863-1933), a man with an in-depth knowledge of architecture as well as aspirations from the philosophical doctrines of Freemasonry. The building was then used as one of the best sites for legislative assembly for committees, staffs, offices of the ministers and other government bodies. However, what is the real purpose why Legislative Manitoba was created?

The Manitoba Legislative Building is one of the most popular tourist spots and place for assembly meeting because of its amazing features, including the sanctity of each statue and murals. As a fact, the MLB is operating every day of the year and in weekends for self-guide tours or assisted tours. There are available personnel to accompany each visitor and take them to the significant places of the building such as the Pool of the Black Star, Holy Rooms, Legislative Chamber, Grand Staircase, Rotunda and Lieutenant - Governor's Reception Room. In each section, visitors will see some murals and figures that represent ancient civilizations and prominent people during those eras. During the tour - guides will point out both the sculptures and paintings honoring the famous people who both graced and genuinely influenced the foundation & beginnings of the great Province of Manitoba .

The building has one room that portrayed the temple of Solomon hundreds of decades ago. According to one researcher from the University of Winnipeg, Frank Albo (FA), the measurements of the original Solomon's temple and the sacred room of the Manitoba Legislative building were all equal. There might some discrepancies in styles, but the details kept by Babylonians were the best evidences how accurate the comparisons were. The original temple was built during the 10th century BCE while the Babylonians brought the remains in 586 BCE to guide the construction of the building. The hall was then added with two life-sized monuments bulls, because ancient people believed that these animals can ward off the works of the evil spirits.

Aside from the two magic bulls, guests would definitely love the grand staircase, with three flights and thirteen steps towards the Golden Boy, a room with a dome ceiling and tessellated marble border. Another symbol was a figure called as the Pool of the Black Star. It was considered as the symbol of Babylonian goddess Ishtar. Within the area of the Golden Boy, a Rotunda has been one of the most common areas designed for sacrifices. According to Frank's research, ancient Gods, led by Hermes received power via sacrifices of souls.

The beauty of the Manitoba Legislative Beauty was worth visiting for. Actually, it was one of the world-winning structures with different ancient symbols such as the statue of Medusa, Bucranium for sacrifices, the figure of bare chested Jesus Christ and Masonic initiate, Egyptian Motifs, statue of agriculture, Blue Curtains and the ark of the Covenant (on top of the Lieutenant-Governor's room). Some historical evidences claimed that there were some things associated with the symbols and the purposes of the architect. Love, sex, fertility and war were included in the lists.

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Title: Conspiracy Plots Leading To Freemason Influences In Canada
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