Effective Way For Pet Odor Carpet Cleaning

Effective Way For Pet Odor Carpet Cleaning

by Jayne Rutledge

Pet odor carpet cleaning has never been an easy task. Some people try different ways whereby some are ineffective. Other methods used end up destroying the carpets completely. If you own pets and you are wondering how to eliminate the bad smell from urine or other types of odors, below are tips to go by.

First, you need to find a way of eliminating urine smell. Removing the smell from the carpets can actually be a challenging task. There are a few proven techniques of doing this. The truly effective way is to buy an enzymatic based pet odor remover. This one is going to eat away all the natural substances that are believed to cause urine smells.

To eliminate the urine smell completely, you are supposed apply the enzymatic remover exactly on the offended area on the carpets. Cover the area with a cardboard or any other opaque material so that the remover does not dry quickly. Allow the enzymatic remover to react completely with the urine. This will actually kill all the substances that make urine smell bad. After the agreed time, uncover the area and now you can wash using the normal detergents.

You can also find other ways of removing pet urine on carpets. Some of them include the application of baking soda on the urinated area, soaking the part into vinegar, and utilization of color safe bleaches. These methods can actually help you curb this problem, although you will not be assured of excellent results. For no doubt results, consider using enzymatic pet odor remover. Make sure that you buy high quality product from the market. Beware of counterfeited products that are not effective.

The other thing you should be concerned about is the removal of other types of odors. Although pet urine is the king of all pet odors, but certainly is not the only offender. Removing the remains of pets from carpets is not hard as it is with the urine smell. Remember that pet odors can seriously affect your ability to enjoy a living space. It is important that you take good measures to eliminate them. From a localized point of view, regular spraying of pet houses with baking soda after the usual cleaning can work miracles.

Carpet stains caused by the pets should also to be removed. This should be done using the hot water extraction method. You should remove the stains immediately they occur. First you need to soak the area covered by stain before you apply any cleaning solution. Avoid scrubbing the stained area vigorously because this may deepen the stain.

If you find that none of these methods is effective or the carpets have permanent stains, consider replacing the whole carpeting. This means that you should buy other new carpets and replace the existing ones. Check whether the floor is stained before you lay down new carpets. If it is stained, clean it first to expel the smell.

Of all these methods of cleaning, nothing can beat deep steam cleaning by a carpet cleaning expert. Consider hiring a company that uses the hot water extraction method with truck mounted units. This is to ensure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned. Let the professional know that pet odor carpet cleaning is your major concern. This way, they may advice you on an effective way to deal with the problem in future.

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