How To Do Newspaper Telemarketing

How To Do Newspaper Telemarketing

by Jayne Rutledge

Ever since the emergence of the internet, subscriptions for newspapers have actually declined because many people read their news online already. It is for this reason that the papers would have to work extra hard in order to market their products. So if one is in the industry, then here are some newspaper telemarketing tips that may actually help.

Now the reason as to why calling people over the phone to try to get them to subscribe is still very effective because the telemarketer may always try to use sales techniques to convince the prospect. This means that he will be using his voice and his words to get people to buy into his sales pitch. So if a newspaper company has a bunch of great salesmen, then it may be saved from bankruptcy.

Of course if one would want to make a cold call, then he first has to know how to interest the potential subscriber. It is always best to ask a question as to whether the prospect may be interested in having a subscription or if he already has one. After asking a few questions, then the sales pitch may follow.

Now when it comes to trying to attract buyers or subscribers, nothing will attract them more than a good bargain wherein they could save a bundle of money. This is actually where coupons would come in because many papers would actually carry some free coupons in them. By highlighting the coupons that the customers may use to gain discounts in certain stores, more people would want to subscribe.

Now even though the wave of technology has swept most people, one thing that gadgets cannot do is allow access to news outside the house because not everyone can afford 3G internet. It is for this reason that there are still many who would prefer reading the morning paper because they can take it to work or anywhere they go. This is not something everyone can do with their gadgets.

Along with this, one can actually include in his sales pitch about events that the prospect may be interested in. Of course prospects who are interested in certain events like concerts and such may want to be able to keep updated with the latest. With this, one might be able to convince people to actually get a subscription.

Now one of the last techniques to use would be the referral technique wherein one may actually ask existing customers for new referrals. What one can do here is to ask those existing customers whether they are satisfied with the news and the service of the company. If they are, then the telemarketer may actually ask these existing customer if he knows anyone else who would be interested in subscribing to a newspaper.

As one can see, newspapers have not lost their presences even though the internet has become more popular. However, companies must now work extra hard and put extra effort into promoting their product to get more customers. This is where the newspaper telemarketing techniques would come in.

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