How To Select Concealed Carry Wear

How To Select Concealed Carry Wear

by Jayne Rutledge

If you work in law enforcement, you know how important it is to have the right concealed carry wear for your firearm. This applies whether you are a beat cop, on stakeout, doing long-term under cover or protecting the President of the United States. You want it to be comfortable, accessible and, like the name says, concealed. It also helps to preserve the line of your outfit for fashion purposes. Nothing spoils the look of a dinner suit at a state dinner like an unsightly underarm bulge due to your big Sig.

When you're under cover, it's hard to look like a kindergarten teacher with an unsightly and telltale bulge at your waist or on your backside. Men have the option of carrying their CW in their shirt or trousers, while women have the added advantage of being able to use a gun purse, body wrap, thigh holster or attached to the bra between the two cups in the center (this arrangement allows easy access when wearing a shirt, sweater or blouse.

If you carry a different type of handgun from time to time, if your current holster chafes or does not allow easy withdrawal when you are sitting down, you may want to have a look at one of the new holster t-shirts on the market. The holster is built right in at the side, under the arm. They are remarkably sturdy and very popular among those who wear them, although they may not be everyone's cup of tea.

These CCW t-shirts with integrated holster have a number of benefits. In the summertime, they are convenient. This is especially so if you are wearing shorts and don't want to have them dragged down to your knees by the weight of your firearm. Worn with a carefree, loosely-fitting bowling shirt or other button-down wear, they look great and it is almost impossible to detect. Some have integrated straps or velcro fasteners. Avoid these if you don't want to make that telltale ripping noise when you reach for your gun. On the other hand, that two seconds that your opponent is wondering WTF the sound is can give you a slight advantage.

There was a time not so long ago when, if you wanted your weapon to be truly concealed, you had to wear bulky winter clothing. Not any more. These days you can walk around in a T-shirt and shorts and still keep your secret. Special CCW pants exist with ambidextrous access around the waistband. The belt loop separation arrangement keeps your pancake or belt slide holsters looking tidy. Some have magazines where you can store your magazines.

Carpenter's jeans work well for CCW. There are ambidextrous pockets for your weapon, magazines, flashlights, hand cuffs, etc. Here, again, the belt loop separation design accommodates pancake and belt slide holsters.

Women, there are drawbacks to carrying your Colt in a purse. First, they are awkward and do not provide rapid access to your firearm. Second, if your purse gets lost or stolen, you area really SOL, aren't you? Fortunately, there are some excellent concealment holsters for on the market.

When you are looking for concealed carry wear, the two most important considerations are comfort and accessibility. Try to have your firearm with you when trying different systems and garments on for size. If you are using public changing rooms, make sure your weapon is unloaded.

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