Important Tips For Caregivers On Picking Books For Autistic Children

Important Tips For Caregivers On Picking Books For Autistic Children

by Serena Price

Choosing books for autistic children can be a daunting task for caregivers. The sheer volume of storybooks on the market may create confusion as to which categories are best. Here are six tips to keep in mind while searching for appropriate reading material. Not only will this simplify the selection process, but it will ensure the material picked fits the childs learning style and personality.

Resist picking volumes that have a recommended age range. Physical age and autism do not go hand in hand. Choosing something that exceeds the kids current developmental ability will lead to a sense of frustration and failure. Do focus on areas the child needs to work on, but make sure the book reflects his or her current developmental level.

Autistic children frequently zoom in on a specific topic or interest. Select stories that incorporate this into their plot. Not only will this keep kids focused and reading, but it also helps cement new information. Feel free to utilize additional learning tools during this lesson. Music, a song, textured items, and flashcards are all good options.

Autistic children exhibit a heightened sensitivity to environmental stimuli. Loud noises, crowds, and even strange smells can be overwhelming. This can be countered with storybooks that incorporate the five senses. Look for ones that allow the child to explore his or her area of interest. Scratch and sniff, tactile pages, and pop ups are all good choices.

Soothing sounds and comforting movements such as vibrations may be added to a reading session. Doing so will create a relaxing atmosphere which allows the child to retain more information from the lesson. Observing what the individual responds to will eliminate distractions that may interrupt focus or create anxiety.

Knowing where to start looking for books may be daunting. Making a selection can seem overwhelming. Luckily, the internet makes the search much easier. Many sites offer lists of volumes geared towards autistic children. Reading reviews posted by customers will assist with choosing a story that fits the childs needs and interests.

Keep the childs learning style in mind when choosing a book. Children that respond to bright, vivid imagery may lose their focus if the story appeals to auditory senses and ignores visual cues. Observe the individual to discover what senses appeal to him or her most, then select reading material that reflects that approach.

Virtual storybooks are gaining popularity with teachers, parents, and caregivers. Autistic individuals respond well to the combination of sound and imagery the software produces. These programs frequently utilize interactive games that assist with strengthening language development, social skills, and other lessons such as fine motor skills.

When choosing books for autistic children make sure to stick with topics that capture their interest and complement their learning style. This can be done with the use of a good search engine and customer reviews. Books are a beneficial tool that allow both caregivers and children to bond, helps kids learn new skills, and allows them to reach their fullest potential.

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