The Basic Steps For Garage Door Replacement

The Basic Steps For Garage Door Replacement

by Jayne Rutledge

There is a general process required for garage door replacement. The procedure may change slightly depending on the structure that you have. It can add a lot of convenience to your life if you hire a professional for this work. Before you can start the process, you need to take down the door that is already there. Then the parts of the new structure can be installed such as the brackets, hinges and tracks. There are also springs and cables needed to complete the job in installing the panels. The time that it takes to finish this task often is based on the experience. Contractors often require very little time to do such a job.

Sometimes you have a little bit of warning before needing to replace the door to your garage. In other cases, the structure simply gives out. In either case, it is possible to have a new one installed. There is a general process to this even though it might vary slightly depending on the type of structure you have.

You don't necessarily have to complete this work yourself. You often have the chance to hire professionals instead. Such individuals already know the process and are familiar with all of the parts. It normally doesn't take these experts a long time to do the work.

Before anything else, you need to take the measurements of the entrance and the product you are replacing. These measurements are to be taken from the edge of the structure and not from the trim. The numbers should be recorded for width and for head room.

In some cases, the door is needed in the up position to remove it. If there are springs in the structure then this is the case. However, if there are no strings then the structure should be removed while it is down.

The door panels can be removed, followed by the operator once it is taken apart. There are normally numerous elements that are to be removed that are a part of this system. The laser operator and tracks also need to be gotten rid of. This part has to be done in order to prepare the space for the replacement.

Make sure the new structure is level with the area provided. You can trim the structure or repair the actual entrance for this purpose. Installing the weather stripping is usually the next step. Corner brackets and hinges require placement as well. Once those pieces are installed, the tracks and rollers can be added.

You may want to mark the hinges to ensure that the rest of the parts such as the panels are put into the right location. Any parts and tools required for this process should be kept close to you. Once you have these tasks completed, you may fasten the tracks, bearings, hinges, cables and springs. The operator system is the next part to install.

While garage door replacement can take some time and effort, it can be convenient to hire the professionals for the task instead. Such individuals may not require much time for this project. These experts understand the process of removing the original structure and installing the newer one, including all of the different pieces needed. These professionals will generally remove all of this old hardware such as the tracks and operator before installing and testing the new parts.

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